JJ’s Magic is like dripping a fish-attracting neon sign in the water

Gene “Flukemaster” Jensen is a bass fishing machine. He’s a fishing educator who also has an extremely popular and informative youtube fishing channel. His channel is, in my opinion, one of the very best on the web.

Here he shares his thoughts on a product that he’s become a true believer in: JJ’s Magic, a “garlic oil dip fish attractant”.

Since Jensen’s first trial with JJs Magic out-fished his previous favorite attractant by a factor of 6:1, he now considers JJs to be essential when fishing soft plastics.


Jensen talks in detail about his success with the product. “It has made a world of difference to me,” he says.

JJ’s Magic website also declares,

“Research shows that more fish are caught on soft plastic bait than any other lure. Dying your soft bait makes it more attractive to the bass. The dye acts as a neon sign when it is in the water. The garlic oil hides the unnatural scents left behind by anglers when they handle their lures after fueling for the trip. It also hides the petroleum taste of the soft plastic bait. The garlic oil gives the soft plastic bait a sweet taste that the fish love.”

Jensen also explains how, exactly, he applies the product to his soft plastics, as well as the color combinations he’s had the most success with. The ability to customize plastics to your preferences and your fishing conditions is, he says, one of the great features that make the product so versatile and effective.

The dye completely and permanently penetrates a soft plastic bait with color and scent. It comes in four colors: Chartreuse, Methylate, Blue and Red. You can use these colors alone or in combination to create a wide range of hues.

I’ve ordered one bottle of each color and intend to begin experimenting on the ice with them immediately.


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