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How to Customize Your Soft Plastic Baits

Have you ever wanted to customize your soft plastic lures for bass fishing. In this video I show how to change the color on any soft plastic, any jig or spinnerbiat, and even crankbaits using JJ’s Magic Dipping Dye.

To Dye For!

Every now and again an angler runs across a product that he believes in, something that makes a measurable difference in his fishing. That’s the story behind Preston Clark and JJ’s Magic (

How to use JJ’s Magic to catch more bass

I’ve become a big believer in showing the bass something slightly different then every other angler. One way to do that is by adding a flash of color. JJ’s Magic has been a go-to for me when it comes to adding some color to…
This product is just as the name says.
"Best dipping scent on the market."
Had a great day on Logan today with Shane Prickett.
"Best scents and dye I have ever used!"
"Product is off the charts!!!"
"Can not imagine not having"

JJ’s Magic is a quick and convenient dye solution to color your soft plastic baits.


It penetrates quickly and provides a fish attracting garlic scent.


Chartreuse is the most versatile color in the line up.

Red are especially good for fishing muddy waters.